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The Colts’ relationship with Jonathan Taylor is officially sunk

Things between the Colts and Taylor appear to be irreconcilable as the star running back is on the trade block.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts at Minnesota Vikings Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

The relationship between the Indianapolis Colts and Jonathan Taylor has been taking on water for quite some time. Things have gone from bad to worse as the boat they shared for three years has seemingly capsized.

As recently as Saturday night during the broadcast of the Colts’ second preseason game, owner Jim Irsay presented a prodigal son view of the situation and remained hopeful that Chris Ballard would “get the waters calm”. One way to calm the waters is to shut off the engine and dock the boat. That is exactly what Ballard did by allowing Taylor to seek a trade.

Taylor can ask for, seek, and demand a trade all he wants, but the Colts only have to be so accommodating. The Colts won’t be willing to let someone as talented as Taylor walk for nothing. They will cast a wide net in search of a big haul.

The market price for a running back in today’s NFL landscape appears to be quite low. Couple that with the fact that Taylor is currently on PUP nursing an ankle injury from eight months ago and wants a lucrative contract, the trade requests for his services will not be overly copious. Some teams will invariably explore their options, but the All-Pro might just find himself treading water while looking for a team that will meet his demands.

At this point, both parties will be best suited to move on without each other as the situation is getting as messy as an oil spill. It is at a point where the cleanup is just impossible. The damage has been done. If Jonathan Taylor does suit up for the Colts this season, he can bet he will get as icy a reception from the fans as he provided the team during training camp, and we all know the damage ice can cause.