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Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. speaks out on contract situation

The fourth year receiver wouldn’t mind an extension.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts Training Camp IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

Thursday after practice Indianapolis Colts receiver Michael Pittman Jr. talked to the media and answered questions about the season, rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson and his future with the team.

NFL: Indianapolis Colts Minicamp IndyStar-USA TODAY Sports

A reporter asked if he expected to play this season without a contact extension. His response:

“Do I expect it? I mean I don’t really expect nothing, really. I mean if it happens it happens, and if it doesn’t happen, then yeah I would play it out without an extension.”

He was then asked if he wanted an extension.

“I mean I think every player wants to get paid, um like, I wouldn’t mind one.”

“I wouldn’t mind an extension” is a far cry from what we’ve heard from the agent of the other, star offensive player the Colts have entering a contract year. It’s unclear if or when the Colts will look to extend Michael Pittman Jr..

No matter what happens, it doesn’t seem like Pittman or anyone from his camp will be requesting any trades or asking for a market setting deal else he holds out of the 2023 NFL season. We hear it said all the time that the NFL is a business, but there’s more than one way to conduct business. We’ve seen MMA agent Malki Kawa throw a fit on behalf of Jonathan Taylor and now we’ve seen Pittman say that he wouldn’t mind an extension.

Each player has to do what is right for them and their families but the polar opposite reactions of both men entering a contract season will likely be seen very differently by fans. I predict we may see a few more #11 jerseys sold this season than #28’s.

We can all hope MPJ has a massive year and maybe he wouldn’t mind getting a massive check signed by Jim Irsay.