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Colts Reacts Survey: How Horseshoe fans are feeling entering the regular season kickoff

There’s some real reason for optimism, but still some lingering questions facing key players for the Colts.

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Michael Owens/Getty Images

The DraftKings-sponsored SB Nation Indianapolis Colts reacts survey results are in, as the Horseshoe faithful answered critical questions facing the franchise just ahead of the 2023 regular season’s kickoff.

Without further ado, here they are:

Right now, 75% of Colts fans think that Jonathan Taylor will stay with the Colts. After not being traded by Tuesday’s team-imposed 4 PM EST deadline, there does appear to be a much greater likelihood that Taylor will remain with the only team he’s ever known for the foreseeable future—assuming a multi-year deal can ultimately be reached (and a fractured relationship slowly, but surely mended).

Up next....

Meanwhile, the status of ‘The Maniac,’ Shaquille Leonard is still undetermined. The star linebacker suffered another concussion a few weeks ago, and he remains in the league’s concussion protocol—although he was a non-contact participant in Wednesday’s practice.

Still a little over half of Colts fans think that Leonard will be ready for the regular season opener. Will their faith be rewarded?

And then...

Only 38% of Colts fans think that Indy will pull off the upset with rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson against the reigning AFC South Champions during Week 1.

I actually thought this percentage would be a bit higher. One because it’s at home, and two, these two teams always seem to play each other very close as divisional foes, and three, this is a Colts fan site after all! Colts have had all offseason to prepare, so a surprise win in the opener isn’t completely out of the question for the Colts. We believe.

As it stands, the Colts currently are +5 hosting the Jaguars by the current DraftKings line.


46% of Colts fans are ‘somewhat confident’ that the Colts are headed in the right direction, likely because of the promise and sky-high upside of Richardson as a potential franchise altering quarterback hopeful.