J.T. O'Sullivan's QB School - Week 1

If you don't know about (or watch) J.T. O'Sullivan's QB School on Youtube, you are missing some of the most important football content available for free online. O'Sullivan's "Anthony Richardson Week 1 vs. Jacksonville Analysis" video just dropped. It, like all of its predecessors, is well worth the watch. Here is the video. Enjoy!

A couple take aways that I had from the video were:

(1) that J.T. really likes Steichen's play design (for the most part); he blames Steichen for not having more "hot" read answers (see point 3, below);

(2) Richardson needs to clean up his footwork, but his other athletic tools make things far easier; so, things don't always have to be perfect to be effective at this point; and

(3) Richardson's youth shines through at points and he isn't always prepped for how to handle certain coverage looks and make "hot" read adjustments (throwing to the space where a blitzer is vacating); this partly a Richardson issue and partly a Steichen issues; yet for a young QB in his first game, I (personally) don't think it's a big issue.

As a final side note was that J.T. dogs on Pittman a little a bit in the video. As a fan, I think it's that Pittman, maybe, was getting too many snaps and not always being on the same page as a young, rookie QB..

Overall, it's a very encouraging video for any fan of the game, Colts fans who want to take something valuable away from an L, and anyone pulling for Richardson personally.

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