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Matchups to Watch: Week 2 @Texans

NFL: Houston Texans at Indianapolis Colts Jenna Watson-USA TODAY Sports

Anthony Richardson vs. C.J. Stroud

The first of many, two franchise quarterbacks that, if everything goes right for both teams, will face each other twice a year for the following decade. So far, Richardson had a much better debut than Stroud, as the former Ohio State quarterback struggled against the Ravens, completing 28 of 44 passes for 242 yards and losing a fumble. Richardson, on the other hand, completed 24 of 37, including a passing touchdown and an interception, while also running 10 times for 40 yards and another score. It is always entertaining watching rookie quarterbacks face off against each other.

Braden Smith vs. Will Anderson Jr.

Will Anderson Jr. registered 5 pressures in his NFL debut, Braden Smith struggled a bit against Josh Allen, allowing 2 pressures, and will now face the second consecutive dangerous defensive end. The offensive line played really well against a tough Jaguars’ front, and Smith was not bad by any means, it is just that he will need to be really good against what is clearly the best player in the Texans’ defensive line.

Colts’ defensive line vs. Texans’ offensive line

The Texans’ offensive line was bad against the Ravens, and starting left tackle Laremy Tunsil missed practice with a knee injury so it might be even more difficult for them on Sunday. The Colts’ defensive line was effective against the Jaguars, led by a superb performance from DeForest Buckner. Making Stroud uncomfortable, while also taking away the running game early, will be the key for the Colts’ defense.

Shane Steichen vs. Demeco Ryans

As is the case with Richardson and Stroud, if both head coaches do their job properly, they could be facing each other at least twice a year for the foreseeable future. Whereas Steichen comes from an offensive background, being the offensive coordinator for the Philadelphia Eagles in the past, while Demeco Ryans comes from a defensive background, being the defensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers. It will be a really exciting clash of styles, and probably a sort of personal game for the two hottest head-coaching candidates this past offseason as they will really want to show their respective owners that hiring them was the right choice to make.

DeForest Buckner vs. Josh Jones

DeFo was the best defensive linemen on the Colts against the Jaguars, and he will have the perfect chance to put up an encore performance against Josh Jones of the Texans, who struggled against the Ravens allowing 5 pressures. Generating inside pressure against Stroud would be ideal considering he does not have nearly the same mobility as Richardson.