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The Colts’ current and future success relies on Anthony Richardson staying healthy

Anthony Richardson left the game early for the second week in a row. Keeping him healthy is paramount.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

For the second time in as many weeks, the Indianapolis Colts rookie quarterback, Anthony Richardson, was unable to complete a game. Early in the second quarter, Richardson walked back to the locker room for further evaluation for a concussion.

Although it was not specifically stated or known which play he sustained the concussion on, it is a pretty good bet that it occurred on his second touchdown run. Richardson took a hard hit to the helmet on the play and when falling to the ground, landed hard with his head bouncing on the turf.

Before exiting, Richardson was on a tear, going 6/10 through the air and running for thirty-five yards and two touchdowns. The game looked like it had the makings of a coming-out party for the young quarterback, as fans had eagerly awaited the duel between him and C.J. Stroud. While the win is great, instead of focusing on a potentially monster game from Richardson, the focus will now be on if/when he clears concussion protocol.

A concussion is never a good thing. In the world of football, however, from a strictly injury standpoint, there are worse things that could happen. The issue isn’t so much with the type of injury. The issue is that we are two games into the Richardson era, and he is having a difficult time staying on the field. Luckily, Gardner Minshew is an incredibly capable backup. With that said, he is not the current or future face of this franchise.

Having a running quarterback is a double-edged sword. It sucks the defense in and provides an extra playmaker on the field that must be accounted for at all times. It also means the quarterback is in more potential danger of being hurt. Getting sacked in the pocket is one thing. Being trucked in open space is another. The Colts need to continue to utilize Richardson’s ability to run while also stressing the importance of getting down to avoid extra hits.

Richardson showed the electricity he can bring to this team. Fans had to be fired up when he ran into the endzone for his two touchdowns. This is exactly what we want to see from him. More than that, however, fans want to continue seeing him, and that can’t happen if he is injured.

The best ability is availability, right? Now, his availability is in question going into week three against the Baltimore Ravens. As good as Minshew was, it didn’t come against what will be a much better squad in the Ravens. The Colts are going to need all hands on deck, and if Richardson’s availability is in doubt, the Colts will lose a ton of ability.