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Another Bomb Cyclone? Colts vs. Ravens conditions could impact the game, fantasy football

As Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen looms over the East Coast, the Indianapolis Colts face the Baltimore Ravens in what might be more than just a test of skill on the gridiron.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Football fans are no strangers to enduring inclement weather, but Week 3’s matchup between the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium is setting up to be an epic monsoon showdown. For fans and fantasy football team managers, this story will discuss the impact of Tropical Cyclone Sixteen, should it impact the East Coast games as is currently expected.


Heavy rain is expected, impacting both the passing and running game. Lamar Jackson’s running ability could prove crucial for the Ravens, while the Colts must win in the trenches to open lanes for Zack Moss.

Ball security is going to be critical. Wet conditions are notorious for creating turnovers.

Expect Shane Steichen and John Harbaugh to have a more conservative or cautious game plan or to at least install one that will be used if the weather requires it. They will have to account for the weather when deciding on going for it on 4th downs, attempting long field goals, or making other strategic decisions.

On that topic, the kicking game will be more difficult with a wet playing surface and windy conditions.

The risk of injury will be higher, including re-injuring or worsening existing injuries. This could lead the teams to sideline some of their stars or limit their snaps. Teams have to balance the need for a win against the long-term health and effectiveness of their players.

Fan and player safety will be heavily considered, so the game start time could be impacted.


For the fantasy football managers, this weather is a double-edged sword. Players like Lamar Jackson and Zack Moss could be your golden tickets. However, starting receivers or kickers from this game, and others on the East Coast — Bills vs. Commanders and Patriots vs. Jets — will be a gamble.

  1. Running Backs: Due to the weather conditions, running backs will become more crucial. Lamar Jackson, Gus Edwards, Zack Moss, Brian Robinson Jr., James Cook, Breece Hall, Rhamondre Stevenson, and Ezekiel Elliott might see increased usage.
  2. Tight Ends and Short Pass Catchers: Players like Dalton Kincaid could be valuable pickups for fantasy owners, as short passes and check-downs become more prevalent in wet conditions.
  3. Benching Considerations: Fantasy owners might want to reconsider starting players, especially wide receivers and kickers, in games affected by the storm.


In the face of Potential Tropical Cyclone Sixteen, the Colts vs. Ravens might become an iconic rain-soaked duel. If it does, it will join the Snowvertime/Snow Bowl game in Buffalo in 2017 and the Bomb Cyclone game in San Francisco in 2021 as one of the wilder games in franchise history.