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Did seeing former Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, on TNF give anyone else mixed feelings?

Andrew Luck’s appearance on TNF was surprising and was met with mixed emotions.

NFL: Preseason-Cleveland Browns at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The last time fans saw former Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, on an NFL field, they serenaded him with a chorus of boos as word spread like wildfire that the face of the franchise was walking away from the game. The former number one pick had received more than his share of physical beatings, and it had taken a heavy toll on his mental state. Many wondered if he would ever associate himself with the game of football again, but he has come back in full force; first as a coach for Palo Alto High School and most recently as last night on Thursday Night Football.

If just for a moment, we got to see the revitalization of a popular Twitter account from the famous Capt. Andrew Luck. One one hand, it is great to see Luck enjoying peppered chipmunk meat and doing well. Put on a highlight reel of him getting sacked or knocked down by a defender and congratulating them on the hit to see why it is easy to root for the man.

Luck had a laundry list of injuries that no one would wish on their worst enemy, and preparing for and going through an NFL season is extremely grueling. Is it right to wish that Luck, the man, put himself through such torture again? The answer to that question is no. Now, ask me the same question but insert Luck, the football player.

Seeing Luck last night was akin to seeing an old flame who you just aren’t quite over. They swing by, all dressed up, and appear to be in a great place. Meanwhile, fans were left high and dry not only by Luck’s decision but also the timing of it. A franchise quarterback is everything in the NFL. If a team doesn’t have one, they usually don’t have a shot.

After Luck left, the Colts went on a dark ride that they hadn’t been on for two decades; the quarterback carousel. Que the graphics showing all the starting quarterbacks since that fateful day and all of their lack of success. New names in new places that didn’t quite pan out. Aging wonders that didn’t stick around long or didn’t have enough left in the tank. Retreads and young guns that couldn’t hold water at the game’s most important position.

Seeing how the Colts finally started getting solid play from their offensive line and win now players such as Nelson, Leonard, and Buckner are on the team, has only increased the depression. It is impossible to not think what could have been if he would have stuck around to see things through a little while longer.

Instead of gearing up for another potential Super Bowl run, the Colts are at the bottom of the barrel rebuilding. Yes, the future has some definite bright spots with Anthony Richardson at the helm, but it is hard to not think about what could have been. Que the meme of Wolverine looking longingly at a picture and insert Capt. Andrew Luck. Oh, captain, my captain, why did you have to leave so soon?