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Meet the 2023-24 Colts Writing Team at Stampede Blue

Introducing Stampede Blue’s Colts writing contributors for this year’s campaign—some new, some old faces.

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Perry Knotts/Getty Images

With the Indianapolis Colts 2023 regular season having recently kicked off, we, at Stampede Blue, wanted to introduce some fresh new faces, as well as some familiar ones returning to this year’s talented writing team (*with each member listed alphabetically by last name).

We look forward to you reading our Colts content all season, as well as interacting with you in the comments!

The future is hopefully bright again for the Horseshoe. Go Colts!

Andrew Aziz

Twitter/X: @AndrewAzizSB

Start Date: July 2014

Favorite Colt to Watch: Peyton Manning

Hey, I’m Andrew Aziz. I’ve been with Stampede Blue since 2014. I work for a sports gambling company and spent many years coaching football at the high school and collegiate level and currently train a couple dozen football players, mainly quarterbacks, receivers and linebackers. For my money, there’s no better site for Colts news and analysis than Stampede Blue, and I’m proud to be a part of this great group.

Thomas Butler-Guerrero

Twitter/X: @TBGofficial_

Start Date: July 26, 2023

Sports Journalist

Colt to watch in 2023: DeForest Buckner

I have attended Colts training camp since moving to Indianapolis in 2019 and cover local sports in Madison County for The Herald Bulletin. My passion for writing developed while tearing up pages of notebooks with statistics of the 2008 Chicago Cubs roster. The desire to cover sports began to rise in late summer 2015 at Fort Benning, GA during basic training, when the Cubs reached the NLCS. With no cell phones or television to watch the games, my family would keep me updated with the story lines with newspapers through the mail. At IUPUI, I was able to cover the 2021 Men’s Basketball Tournament Final Four will competing for the Full-Court Press Scholarship and covered the 2022 College Football Playoff as a videographer for the Indianapolis Host Committee. My favorite sports teams are the Chicago Cubs and Dallas Cowboys.

Mateo Caliz

Twitter/X: N/A

Start Date: February 2020

Favorite Colt to Watch: Andrew Luck

Hello everyone, my name is Mateo Caliz, Colts’ fan all the way down from Argentina. Started following the Colts because of the Madden 11 demo on Xbox 360 where I played as the Colts and my cousin played as the Saints and we used to just play that matchup over and over again. My favorite Colts’ player has to be Andrew Luck, as I did not get to watch Peyton, and my first true franchise quarterback was Luck, though the only jersey I have is T.Y. Hilton’s. I love engaging with you all in the comment sections whenever possible, and like to throw some hot takes here and there to get the conversation going. Love the rest of the team here at Stampede Blue, and the direction the crew is going, and you should be in for a quality year content-wise.

Jack Carney

Twitter/X: @jackwcarney

Start Date: September 2023

Favorite Colt to Watch: Peyton Manning

Jack Carney is a new Indianapolis Colts blogger at Stampede Blue. He has previous experience writing for and has also worked in public relations roles for the Green Bay Packers and Baltimore Ravens. He currently works in a marketing/communications capacity in the motorsport industry. His opinions are his own.

Elliott Denton-Singh

Twitter/X: @UKColtsFans

Start Date: June 2018

Favorite Colt to watch: Reggie Wayne

I am a huge football fanatic from Manchester, UK. I have been a fan of the Colts for over twenty years and have been writing about the NFL for over ten years. In 2012 I founded UK Colts Fans, the biggest UK based Colts website and have been privileged to cover the Colts ever since, including the teams visit to London in 2015.

I have been part of the Stampede Blue team for 7 years in the role of Social Media Manager and Senior Writer. I am a former high school coach, working mostly on the offensive side of the ball and will be returning to playing this year at Quarterback. Big fan of roster mechanics, draft analysis and free agency content. I am looking forward to contributing more amazing Colts content and engaging with you all on our team socials this year!

Brett Mock

Twitter/X: @bamock

Fanpost Contributions Start Date: April, 2008

Front Page Contributions Start Date: April, 2017

Site Manager: July, 2017 - July, 2023

Favorite Player to Watch: Peyton Manning

The Colts moved to Indianapolis around the time I was born. I fell in love with the team while watching training camp at Anderson University 30 years ago. I was there for baseball camp. The campers ate in the same cafeteria as the players, and head coach Ted Marchibroda once sat at my table. I “talked him into” keeping Sammie Burroughs, an undersized linebacker who played fast and stood out on special teams.

My interest grew into a writing passion when I discovered Stampede Blue and the fan post feature. I’ve been writing about the team pretty consistently in some form, including starting two Colts blogs (Coltzilla and Colts Authority) with other writers since 2008. It was my honor to lead Stampede Blue from 2017 until this offseason. I’ve been given the opportunity to write again and look forward to another season. We’ll see what the future brings. Go Colts!

Stephen Reed

Twitter/X: NiceReedSteve

Start Date: 2011

Favorite Colt to watch: Peyton Manning

Stephen Reed has been with Stampede Blue for over 12 years as a podcast host and writer. He started off his tenure at Stampede Blue as an NFL Draft specialist and the NFL Draft continues to be his passion. Stephen has been a featured guest on multiple SiriusXM NFL channels and several ESPN stations across the US for his Colts draft knowledge and fantasy football predictions. He is excited to continue working with the talented contributors at Stampede Blue. Go Colts!

Luke Schultheis

Twitter/X: @LuckAtLuke

Start Date: 2018

Favorite Colt to watch: Bob Sanders

More details on Luke’s background can be found here.

Chris Shepherd

Twitter/X: @NFLscheme

Start Date: September 2017

Favorite Colt to watch: Peyton Manning.

I have been around a while. Seen some stuff. Written some articles. I’ve learned quite a bit along the way. Life has changed a lot for me since September of 2017, and I don’t have the time to write multiple film intensive articles every week the way I used to, but just know the desire is still there. My favorite articles to write, by far, are my conspiracy reports. But even those are more work than you might expect.

I’m looking forward to this next era of Colts football. Like everyone else, I don’t know how good Anthony Richardson will be, but as a guy who has been around and seen some stuff, I believe he could be very good. But the thing I’m most excited about, good or bad, the Anthony Richardson led Colts, won’t be boring. The future will be entertaining, and I’m happy to be here for it!

Jon Spradley

Twitter/X: @JonSpradley1888

Start Date: July 2023

Favorite Colt to watch: Dwight Freeney

I am very excited to be part of the Stampede Blue team. I am celebrating my twentieth anniversary of Colts fandom this year having signed on in 2003. What started out as a way to engage friends in high school has turned into a life-long passion. Getting to write about one of my greatest passions has been a true pleasure. Having joined the Colts army during the “Golden Age”, it has been a difficult transition into the “real world”. It has been shocking to find that not every season is an automatic 12-4 with a division title and postseason appearance! With that said, I am excited to see where this franchise is headed with an exciting rookie quarterback.

Andrew Thomison

Twitter/X: @Andrew_Thomison

Start Date: May 2020

Colt to watch in 2023: Jelani Woods

Covering the NFL has always been a passion of mine. It’s why I joined Stampede Blue back in 2020 and have been with them ever since. I am a sports journalist that has covered the NFL for multiple different websites since 2017. I love what I do and feel very fortunate to be heading into my fourth season with Stampede Blue. Currently, I am pursuing my M.A. in Sports Journalism at IUPUI with the goal of one day becoming a full-time NFL beat writer for one of the 32 teams. My Colts player to watch for this season is tight end Jelani Woods. If healthy, I believe the second-year tight end could have a major impact for the Colts’ offense in 2023.