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Colts’ Stats of the Game: Week 3 @ Ravens

Talk about an impressive win for the AFC South leaders

Indianapolis Colts v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Matt Gay 5/5 on field goals, 1/1 on XP, 4 50+ yard field goals including the game winner

That was the best and most clutch performance I’ve seen from a Colts’ kicker in my entire life. Hostile environment, bad weather all around, and Matt Gay, who the franchise gave the biggest contract in NFL history for a free-agent kicker goes out and puts up a game like that, already making that contract worth it. This is the first time in NFL history that a kicker makes four 50+ field goals in a game, and Gay even made the game winning kick in overtime, and the game tying kick in regulation with under a minute remaining. This game could easily go down as one of the best individual games for an NFL kicker in history, and thanks to Matt Gay the Colts are now leading the division. I have to say this is sort of a redemption game, as the 25-31 loss in overtime two years ago right in the same stadium was one that really hurt considering the optimism surrounding that team and the performance Wentz put up, all for nothing because Blankenship, who injured himself during warmups, missed two crucial kicks, and now we come in and get a defining win with a historic performance from the kicker.

Colts get 4 sacks on Lamar Jackson

Last time the Colts met with the Ravens, they sacked Jackson just twice over 45 dropbacks, while this time around they got four on 35. Getting pressure on Jackson is imperative to disrupt the Ravens’ offense, and the defensive line took full advantage of yet another matchup where the opposing offensive line was missing some key starters. Zaire Franklin, Samson Ebukan, Kwity Paye, and Taven Bryan all got themselves a sack, and it could have been an even bigger number if not for Jackson’s elite escapability. This defensive line is legit, and sacking Matt Stafford is certainly easier than sacking Lamar Jackson, so look out for them next week.

Colts win turnover battle 2-0

Cliche saying, but winning the turnover battle tends to lead directly to wins, and the Colts not only were impeccable with ball security, but they also managed to force two turnovers on the Ravens. The Colts have a +2 turnover differential so far this season, and have not turned the ball over the past two games. Quarterback Gardner Minshew is known for taking great care of the football, with just 15 interceptions on 978 passing attempts (1.2% interception rate) throughout his career.

Unofficial Stat: Colts get help from officials against a big market opponent for the first time in at least 12 years

I have been watching the Colts for 12 years now, so that is the only span of time I can judge off of, but this has to be the first time where I believe the Colts actually were helped by the officials on two defining moments. There was a missed facemask late in the game that would have resulted in offsetting penalties and a replay late in the game, and there was also a key missed DPI on 4th down, in overtime, that would have given the Ravens a fresh set of downs and almost in Justin Tucker territory. It is nice to be on this end of the bargain, so I am not going to complain.