Colts Hit Restart In 2023, Looking For Optimism In 2024

The Indianapolis Colts experienced a wild ride during their 2022 campaign, ending the season with a concerning 4-12-1 record. The Colts kicked off their 2022/2023 regular season campaign as the favorite for the AFC South, but they failed to claim the victory despite putting together lots of patched-up teams. However, the Colts are hoping their new additions to the squad will help them turn a new page in the 2023/2024 season.

The Colts have hit the restart button in 2023, going through one of their biggest rebuilding exercises since 2012. The team signed Anthony Richardson as their No. 4 pick during the 2023 NFL Draft, hoping that the Florida product will lead them to a great performance this season. However, the 21-year-old quarterback might have a hard time transitioning to the NFL.

While the Colts don’t seem like major contenders for the Super Bowl this season, there will be a lot of intrigue surrounding the team as they desperately need a facelift. The Colt’s odds of winning the Super Bowl remain at +15,000 heading into week 3, meaning they have a 0.66% chance of winning Super Bowl LVII. Fortunately for NFL sports punters, there will be plenty of opportunities to wager on as experts have the 2024 Super Bowl covered on the Sports Geek.

Here's a look at key developments in the Colts squad that will help shape the team this season and inspire hope in their despondent fan base.

Figuring out their quarterback situation

The Colts’ quarterback room looks quite different than it looked a year ago. Indianapolis cut Nick Foles and Matt Ryan during the offseason, allowing the squad to draft the 6-foot-4 Florida man, Anthony Richardson and free agent Gardner Minshew. That leaves third-year football player Sam Ehlinger as the only remaining quarterback from 2022.

While Indianapolis has needed a fresh start in their quarterback position for some time, there’s some risk associated with Richardson as he hasn’t started many games. Regardless, coach Shane Steichen named Richardson as their starting quarterback over Ehlinger and Minshew during their NFL opening match against the Jaguars.

During his debut, threw his first NFL interception and ran for a touchdown in their 31-21 loss against the Jacksonville Jaguars. Richardson went ahead to run two touchdowns in week 2 against the Texans, before leaving the game in the second quarter due to a concussion. As such, the leading fantasy scorer will need to pass the NFL’s concussion protocol to play in Week 3’s match against the Ravens.

The Colts' cornerback situation

While Isaiah Rodgers’ yearlong dismissal cast a shadow on Indianapolis’ cornerback unit, the return of Kenny Moore II has brought more stability to the team. During the Colts’ opening match, coach Shane Steichen had second-years Dallis Flowers and Darrell Baker at the corner, but Calvin Ridley proved to be too much for them to handle in the first half.

In the second half, the Colts turned to Moore to contain Ridley and he proved to be a player that the team can lean on to get out of a jam. Moore is a cornerstone of Indianapolis’ defense and he’s pushing his teammates to improve their performance in the regular season.

Bottom Line

The Colts have gone through huge changes during the offseason and they are determined to turn a new page in the 2023/2024 season. The team has several promising additions, but the wins don’t seem to matter as much for Shane Steichen as developing the team and reducing the impact of his weaknesses while maximizing his strengths. However, it will be intriguing to see what the Colts can achieve in their first year of rebuilding.

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