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Colts Poetry Volume 4: Winning Ugly is Winning all the Same

Minshew Mania didn’t make an appearance but the game was won

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Jenna Watson/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Hello and welcome to Colts Poetry Volume 4. Each week during the 2023 season I will be writing a new original poem about the Indianapolis Colts, their players and the season at large. I do not claim to be a good poet, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. But I want to take the opportunity to invite the Stampede Blue community to write a poem of their own in the comments for a chance to be featured in the next weeks edition of Colts Poetry.* This has a chance to be a fun exercise in shared, creative joy or despair as the season unfolds. I look forward to reading your submissions and laughing or crying along. Soon we’ll get to this weeks topic, but first we need to revisit last week’s community submissions.

Our week three topic was Ode to a Man’s First Win which marked Shane Steichen’s inaugural win as a head coach in the NFL. This weeks winning submission comes to us from votingmachine:

T’was thing of beauty, the defense was snug

The Colts were the windshield, the Texans the bug

It’s simple. It’s perfect.

Big thanks to everyone who submitted poems despite the article coming out late last week (hours before kickoff). I’m looking forward to seeing what you folks come up with again this week. Be sure to get your poem submitted for a chance to be featured next week.

This Week’s Topic:

Winning Ugly is Winning all the Same.

The way it happened was not Minshew Magic

And Ravens fans found it quite tragic

Squealing and moaning that the officials lied

It would have been easier had they just cried

Upset they lost to a man with a safari mustache seen in National Geographic

Last weeks hard fought win against the Baltimore Ravens didn’t come without it’s controversies. At the end of the season, nobody ranks teams based on ugly wins and potentially blown calls late in games. A win is a win and the Colts got number two last week.

*if you use AI to write your poems just tell me, it won’t hurt your chances of getting featured but we will know who to ask for good ChatGPT prompts in the future. Ultimately, I just want to feature fun poems so I don’t care if you or ChatGPT wrote it or if you just ripped off Maya Angelou, changed some words to “Colts” and somehow made it work, I just want to be entertained.