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Colts Reacts Survey Results - Week 1

Colts fans seem to be realistically accepting that the franchise is likely facing a short-term rebuild.

Indianapolis Colts v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts (+4.5) host the Jacksonville Jaguars to kick off the 2023 regular season, as the Horseshoe hopes to win its first NFL opener in 9 years.

The majority of Colts fans aren’t optimistic that the Colts will ultimately snap that disappointing franchise streak, as only 42% of the Horseshoe’s faithful believe that rookie quarterback Anthony Richardson will win his first career start and beat their divisional rivals:

Colts fans are much more convinced (at a whopping 94%) that Shaquille Leonard will be ready to go for Week 1, as their star linebacker recently cleared the concussion protocol and all signs indicate he’ll be able to lace them up for the opener:

Meanwhile, as it relates to scoring, most Colts fans would rather take the field than choose one of Anthony Richardson, Deon Jackson, or Michael Pittman Jr. to get the first score of Indy’s season—as 39% of the Horseshoe faithful would rather pick a teammate than that trio (*although to be fair, Anthony Richardson isn’t too far off at 28%):

Lastly, but certainly not least, there’s the issue of whether the Colts can shock the world and become a surprise dark horse AFC playoff team. Only 17% of Colts fans believe that Indianapolis will be a playoff team when it’s all said and done, and given the current state of the roster and the ongoing Jonathan Taylor saga, and they’re probably right.

That being said, stranger things have happened.