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Colts Poetry Volume 1: an ode to Anthony Richardson

If Anthony Richardson doesn’t deserve a poem, no one does.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Justin Casterline/Getty Images

Hello and welcome to Colts Poetry Volume 1. Each week during the 2023 season I will be writing you a new original poem about the Indianapolis Colts, their players and the season at large. I do not claim to be a good poet, as a matter of fact, quite the opposite. But I want to take the opportunity to invite the Stampede Blue community to write a poem of their own in the comments for a chance to be featured in the next weeks edition of Colts Poetry.* This has a chance to be a fun exercise in shared, creative, joy or despair as the season unfolds. I look forward to reading your submissions and laughing or crying along. Let’s get to this weeks topic: Anthony Richardson.

An Ode to Anthony Richardson

Should I compare you to any other

Should I be the one to tell your story

Perhaps we should ask your brother

But might we wait for all it’s glory

For this isn’t the start nor the middle

The whole world is ahead of you if you choose

This journey is uphill, a far cry from simple

Mistakes made today will be what paid your dues

Opportunity knocks in this very moment

Pressure builds as men turn to you

You must choose, do you rise, will you own it

When it falls apart will your words ring true

Your story isn’t like any other make sure it’s triumphant

Your opportunity is immense so strive therein

Your pressure is earned so feel it and in it find comfort

Your future has arrived so now your greatness can begin

And with those words, week one is finally here. Of course this is more than Anthony Richardson’s moment and this game will, hopefully, be nothing more than an incredibly small part of his career. But, at the same time, every moment of strife that young man has faced has led him to this point. I hope he’s settling in and is able to sleep tonight, but I seriously doubt he’ll get much rest.

So, sink or swim, Anthony Richardson is jumping in the deep end, in just a few hours.

I hope he does a cannonball.

*if you use AI to write your poems just tell me, it won’t hurt your chances of getting featured but we will know who to ask for good ChatGPT prompts in the future. Ultimately, I just want to feature fun poems so I don’t care if you or ChatGPT wrote it or if you just ripped off Maya Angelou, changed some words to “Colts” and somehow made it work, I just want to be entertained.