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Colts’ Ring of Honor inductee is back in the NFL

You just knew he couldn’t stay away.

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The Indianapolis Colts inducted Jim Harbaugh into their Ring of Honor back in 2005 thanks to his four seasons with the team from 1994-1997. In his four years with the Colts, Harbaugh was able to amass 8,705 passing yards with 49 touchdowns. Considering Peyton Manning threw for that many touchdowns in one year with the Colts, the Ring of Honor has come a long way in raising its standards. Nevertheless, Harbaugh is forever tied to the Colts which is why there has always been a special interest in his coaching journey; a journey that has led him back to the NFL with the Los Angeles Chargers.

Harbaugh flirted with a return to the big stage two years ago when he met with the Vikings and toured their facility. Ultimately, the two sides decided not to pursue the relationship, and Harbaugh returned to Ann Arbor to lead the Wolverines on their quest towards a national title.

Fast-forward two years, and a lot has changed.

Michigan won the College Football Playoff and captured the coveted trophy, but it didn’t come without its fair share of controversy. A sign stealing scandal stained the program, and the man at the head of it all took the fall with Harbaugh being suspended three games by the Big Ten. Those two aspects make now the perfect time for the jump back into the NFL: Harbaugh’s value will never be higher after the win, and he can escape the responsibility of tarnishing the college game by walking away from it.

Regardless of the circumstances, we all knew he would be back at some point, right? He got a taste in San Francisco and got to the doorstep of winning it all. He is a competitor and does not like to be denied. Just like he returned to the college game and achieved ultimate glory, Harbaugh is looking for the same with the Chargers.

Adorning the horseshoe and being a member of the team’s Ring of Honor, Harbaugh will always be linked to the Colts. As long as he is in the league, we will be reminded of that when the Colts play the Chargers. Beyond that, many Colts fans will continue to watch and track what he does because of that prior relationship. Let’s sit back and see what he does with this second chance.