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Raise your hand if you had Colts’ Gardner Minshew making the Pro Bowl Games

A surprising selection as an alternate was not on many bingo cards to start the year

NFL: Las Vegas Raiders at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

The Indianapolis Colts only had one official Pro Bowl Games selection in Quenton Nelson when the rosters were originally announced. Since then, however, more players from the 2023 roster have been added as alternates. DeForest Buckner and Ryan Kelly were added which wasn’t an incredible shock to anyone’s system. Cases could certainly be made for their inclusion without much debate. What was more surprising was the addition of Gardner Minshew.

Don’t get me wrong. Minshew had a heck of a year. He came into a very difficult position and preformed well above expectations. He kept a season afloat that could have very well capsized just as it was getting going. That didn’t happen, though. He dragged them to the last few minutes of the regular season with a shot at a postseason berth. It was highly impressive.

With that said, did you honestly see Minshew has a Pro Bowl quarterback?

The eye test says no. He didn’t put up flashy numbers and didn’t make the gaudy plays that would make the nightly rounds. He would dance in the pocket and was prone to folding under pressure. He made some good plays and some head scratchers.

On the other hand, how many other quarterbacks were deserving? When you take out the quarterbacks who were already selected, who should be in before him? The quarerback play this year was done mostly by backups and was less than stellar. Flacco and Browning performed well, but they didn’t really have as much of a body of work to push them past Minshew in my opinion. Oustide of the Chiefs, the West was awful. Same goes for the East except in Buffalo. Allen and maybe Lawerence in Jacksonville would be the two I would say could have also gotten consideration. Otherwise, Minshew makes decent sense although it sounds odd to say out loud.

Whether you think he should or shouldn’t or maybe you just don’t even care, none of that matters. Gardner Minshew is a Pro-Bowler. Yes, that Gardner Minshew. Tip your cap, and wish him well. After he helped salvage 2023, he deserves it.