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Colts’ Playoff Scenarios: Week 18

Entering Week 18 with a decent chance to make the playoffs, depending on a lot of variables

Indianapolis Colts v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

The equation has been simplified to it’s purest form, if the Colts win they make the playoffs, if they lose they are out. It is as simple as that. This is the second time in five years where the Colts face off against a divisional rival in the final game of the regular season to define who makes it to the playoffs. Remember that final game against the Titans in Tennessee where Andrew Luck threw three touchdowns and we beat them in their own home to make it and leave them out of it? Seems like ages ago. There was also another divisional game in Duval the final week that was win-and-in for the Colts a couple of seasons ago, but that did not go as well and I think that we Colts’ fans do not really enjoy that memory,

Anyhow, we now have a more than decent future to lookout for, and if the Colts manage to take care of their business at home and beat the Texans, then they could finish as high as the fourth seed if the Jaguars lose or tie against the Titans, as the 6th seed if the Jaguars win and the Bills lose against the Dolphins, or as the 7th seed if the Jags and the Bills both win their games. They all play after the Colts, so we will already know by then if it is worth watching those games or not.

Now who could the Colts potentially face in the Wild Card, if they make it? Now that is a much more complicated scenario. If they finish as the 7th seed they will go up against the 2nd seed away from home, which would be the Buffalo Bills, that would mean a playoff rematch, and in a quarterback duel between Gardner Minshew and Josh Allen I don’t really like our chances, but weirder things have happened. Say the Bills are eliminated and the Colts finish with the 6th seed, then that would most likely mean facing the Chiefs in Arrowhead. Again, Mahomes vs. Minshew, I give the edge to Mahomes. Now if the Jaguars lose, and the Colts make it as the 4th seed, then it gets much more interesting, squaring off against the Cleveland Browns at home. Considering they just barely beat us with a massive help from the refs earlier this season, that is a game the Colts somehow might even win.

I have faith in this team turning around the sour image they left after that Jacksonville game in 2021, and there are many players that were on that team a couple of years ago. I definitely did not expect being in this position before the season started, and even less so after AR’s injury, so win or lose I think we all have to be very optimistic about the future and the resiliency of this roster.