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Colts will be playing with house money on Saturday

The Colts have nothing to lose on Saturday. Ok, well maybe not nothing, but they can play loose.

Las Vegas Raiders v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images

The Indianapolis Colts will walk into Saturday’s win or go home matchup against the Texans with no pressure. None. Sure, a trip to the playoffs is on the line, and if they lose, the season will be abruptly over sending fans into the frigid January night empty handed. That will all be true, but nothing is really on the line. How can it be? Expectations going into the season were never predicated on reaching this point. Most fans were just hoping to see some entertaining games and for their favorite team to not get embarrassed.

Here we are 18 weeks later, and the Colts have the chance to do the improbable; make the playoffs and potentially win the division. Will fans pack Lucas Oil Stadium in the hopes that the Colts will win? Yes, of course. It will be the same for thousands more in the comfort of their homes as well. The hope will be the same for all. Make the playoffs, and see what happens. Just get in, and anything can happen.

If the Colts happen to come up short, we will be disappointed. Once a little time is put between us and that moment, fans should reflect on the success of the 2023 season and how much fun it was. We got back to winning football and have a future to look forward to. There will be excitement for what Shane Steichen can put together in his second year, especially with a fully healthy Anthony Richardson. We saw the development of an actual pass rush, something we haven’t seen in a long time. We witnessed the emergence of a rookie receiver who could be something special. The list goes on.

No one truly expected the Colts to turn it around this fast. Sure, some may have considered they were better than their 2022 record indicated, but not playoff good. Especially, not playoff good when Richardson went down early in the season. Even more so, not division winning good. If everything falls right this weekend, fans will rejoice. If the team comes up short, we will live with it. While fans will hope for a win, they will still find hope for the future in a loss.