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Monday Morning Awards: Week 18 vs. Texans

Final game of the season and the awards are in

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

MVP of the Game: Jonathan Taylor

Talk about earning the money you were paid, Taylor showed up big time in the final and most important game of the season, getting almost two hundred total yards and the Colts’ only touchdown of the game. The future is really exciting for this franchise, and having Taylor in it makes it a lot better.

Dud of the Game: Vacant

It would have been really easy to pile on Tyler Goodson and put him in this category, but I think this fanbase needs to lose plenty of negativity and focus on how good this season actually went. Be completely honest, after AR went down for the season, did any of you expect to be in this place at season’s end? The entire team overperformed expectations by a ton, and they dealt with so much adversity, overcoming it to have a winning season and a great start to Steichen’s era in Indy.

Best Play of the Game: Jonathan Taylor’s 49 yard touchdown run

The jump-cut, the explosiveness, and right at the perfect time to put the Colts right back in the game at a time where the Texans running away with it seemed like a real possibility. It is amazing that the Colts will have such a talented player the next three years in the backfield with Richardson.

Whammy of the Game: Tyler Goodson’s drop on 4th down

Yeah this one is going to hurt at least until we get football once again next year, to be honest I even started celebrating early because I thought he had already caught the ball and got the first down, and to say my heart dropped when I saw the ball on the ground and the Texans’ celebrating.

Unsung Hero: Tyquan Lewis

The unsung hero of the season, Tyquan Lewis wrapped up his best season in the NFL playing all 17 games, while racking up 44 total pressures on just 259 pass-rushing snaps. Lewis is the perfect rotational defensive lineman for the unit, and hopefully the Colts re-sign him and keep him around.

Rookie of the Week: Josh Downs

Brents and Jones both struggled, while Downs caught 3 passes for over 50 yards, finishing the season with 68/771/2 line, more than I originally expected from him, as he is firmly established as the Colts’ slot receiver for the future.