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Colts are 15th best team in ESPN’s ‘way too early’ 2024 NFL Power Rankings

The Colts are projected to be around a league average team in 2024, but as last year showed, the experts can be wrong.

Houston Texans v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Kevin Sabitus/Getty Images

According to ESPN, the Indianapolis Colts are projected to be the NFL’s 15th best squad in their ‘way-too-early 2024 power rankings’ following this past Sunday’s Super Bowl:

15. Indianapolis Colts

2023 record: 9-8

Offseason in three words: Down to business

The Colts showed they have the ability to compete for a division title now, and not later, with a surprising nine-win season. So with the expected return of Anthony Richardson at quarterback, and with a roster that fell just one win shy of the AFC South crown, it’s time for the Colts to bolster their weaknesses with the goal of taking the next step. This is also not the time to take chances with their key free agents, like WR Michael Pittman Jr., CB Kenny Moore II and NT Grover Stewart — each of whom is vital to their future success. — Stephen Holder

While the Colts didn’t necessarily ‘shock the world’ last year, falling a little short of their goal of being a surprise AFC playoff team.

They did certainly exceed expectations, given that they were projected as a bottom five NFL team entering 2023—and were in the running to make the AFC playoffs (and even win the division) until their final offensive snap in the regular season finale against the Houston Texans.

That is despite losing their rookie starting quarterback, Anthony Richardson, for the majority of the season and also having been without workhorse Jonathan Taylor for a good chunk of it.

To me, and depending on what the Colts do this offseason—and addressing some roster deficiencies, particularly in their defensive secondary, it’s a team that could be a lot closer to #8-12 than they are middle of the pack at #15. However, let ‘em sleep!