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Colts team owner Jim Irsay is "on the mend"

Irsay reportedly had a health event that led to hospitalization. Little was known before today.

Syndication: The Indianapolis Star Robert Scheer/IndyStar / USA TODAY NETWORK

Early last month the Indianapolis Colts announced that team owner Jim Irsay had been hospitalized with what they called a respiratory illness, which is all anyone really knew.

However, speculation was fueled when TMZ later reported that Irsay had been found unresponsive in December of 2023. Enough noise was made that Colts general manager Chris Ballard was asked about Irsay's status in his end of season press conference, Ballard simply replied, "He's stable and they’re working through it,” without providing any further update.

For nearly a month, we have gone without another update or further elaboration on the health status of Irsay before he finally broke his silence earlier today:

Straight from the horse’s thumbs (i.e., tough to get a better source).

Irsay's Tweet reads, "On the mend. Grateful for all of the messages of love and support.” While this doesn't do much to provide us with many answers, it does resolve the most important question we had and that is, "Is Jim alright?" And it would seem that Jim, is at least feeling well enough to Tweet that he's getting better, and I don't see any way that could be a bad thing.

As for the questions left unanswered, frankly, they're unimportant. Knowing the details of this event wouldn't do anything other than satisfy some people's curiosity.

No matter your status or level of notoriety, everyone deserves to have the level of privacy they desire when it comes to their health and that goes for Jim Irsay, too. Maybe one day he'll sit down and tell us all what really happened with some really cool (and expensive) guitars sitting in the background, maybe he won't. That’s his business.

The important thing is that Jim Irsay is on the mend. Hopefully, he can start getting excited for next year’s Colts season, too!