A Quick 3 and Out Superbowl week edition

A few topics that crossed my mind

1st Down

Mountain Dew, Tennessee Whiskey, Titans Blue.... Colts fans Brock Bowers don't want you.

Brock Bowers

4 minute mark

There has been a few post wanting him at 15. The idea of pairing AR with Brock may just be a wet dream. This era of kids being media trained since the age of 12 its refreshing to see someone go against the norm. Does this make you want him more? Does this make you not want him? Or do this not move the needle at all?

2nd Down

Big Swings, Little Swings or staying the course

Big swing

Brandon Aiyuk 14M in 24

Jaire Alexander 6.6M base salary

Josh Sweat 1.2M base salary

Derrick Brown 11.7M in 24

Little Swing

Tyrann Mathieu 7M base salary