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Colts Analysis

Should the Colts trade for Lamar Jackson?

The Colts Defense Couldn’t Contain the Texans . . . Yay?

The Colts Offense Ends the Season With a Good Performance in a Terrible Year

Colts vs. Texans Week 18 preview: Locking in the top of the 2023 NFL Draft

The Colts vs. Texans matchup is the NFL Draft Bowl. In play is the top overall pick, which could go to Chicago with a Texans win and a Bears loss. Also, the Colts could move up to third. Riveting.

Davis Mills: An All Too Familiar Story

The Indy Defense Is Circling the Drain

The Colts Offense Can’t Pass and Can’t Run.

Opening NFL odds Week 18 - Colts favored by 3 points at home against Texans

In both teams' final game of the season, the Colts are projected to have a 3-point edge against the Texans. In Week 1, neither team could win the game. This one could look pretty similar.

Colts vs. Giants Week 17 preview: Can the Colts spoil the Giants' hopes to clinch a playoff berth?

The Giants are a game away from clinching a playoff berth for the first time since 2016. Can Nick Foles and the Colts ruin their New Year’s Day celebration?

Daniel Jones: Running His Way to Mediocrity

Indy Defense Contains Justin Herbert In Futile Effort

Colts try third QB of 2022 season: Goes as expected

Nick Foles lives up to our low expectations

Opening NFL odds Week 17 - Giants favored by 5.5 as they host imploding Colts

The New York Giants are fighting to keep their playoff hopes alive. The Colts have stopped fighting. Oddsmakers enter the week with a kind spread, with the Giants only 5.5-point favorites at home.

Colts vs. Chargers Week 16 preview: Nick Foles will lead Indy’s offense

The Colts are still looking for answers ahead of another primetime game. Nick Foles will lead the offense against the Los Angeles Chargers for Monday Night Football in this one.

Justin Herbert Is Trending In the Wrong Direction

Colts Defense: Does One Half Awesome Plus One Half Horrible Equal Average?

Sort of.

Colts Try To Punt Their Way To Victory: It Doesn’t Work

Should the Colts trade Jonathan Taylor?

Colts vs. Vikings Week 15 preview: Will the Colts rebound to save face in front of a national audience?

Colts players, coaches, and fans all have to be looking for some way to get the horrible taste out of their mouths after a Monday Night Football thrashing at the hands of the Cowboys. Here’s how they could get it done.

Kirk Cousins: Not Great, Not Terrible

Football Outsiders ranks the Minnesota passing offense 18th. That sounds about right.

Dear Jim Irsay, if there was a time for the Colts to tank, it is now

An open letter to the owner of the Indianapolis Colts. We don’t have to call it tanking, but the time to win games is next season.

Predicting how the Colts will Finish the Season

Will the Colts secure a top pick in the draft, or will they play themselves out of one?

The Colts’ defense yielded the most offensive points of any team this season vs. the Cowboys

The Colts defense yielded the most offensive points of any team so far this season.

Colts Refuse to Score 20 Points: “It’s a Bold Strategy, Cotton”

Behind Enemy Lines: Colts face Dallas in a primetime matchup featuring CeeDee Lamb

If the Colts have any hope of upsetting the Cowboys on the road, it starts with limiting the impact of CeeDee Lamb.

Colts vs. Cowboys Week 13 preview: Can the Jeff Saturday-led Colts shock NFL world with prime-time win?

If the Colts beat the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football, it may be the season’s biggest upset. Here is what it will take.

Dak Prescott is the Real Deal

Dak Prescott struggled in Week 1 and missed the next 5 games due to injury, but now he is back and better than ever.

The Colts Defense Stumbles

Late Start and Turnovers Dooms Colts Offense

If the Colts held onto the ball and had started the game like they finished, this could have been an easy win.

Colts vs. Steelers Week 12 preview: It may come down to defensive points scored

Neither the Colts’ nor Steelers' offense has shown anything to create fear for opponents. Both the Colts and Steelers have had defensive success. Will it come down to defense again?

Kenny Pickett: How Good Is the Freshman Signal Caller?

Taking over for Mitch Trubisky in week 4, Pickett has not been much of an improvement.

Another Good Performance, Another Loss: The Story of the Colts Defense.

The defense has held opponents to 20 or fewer points 8 times this year. They have won 3 of those games.

Same As It Ever Was: The Colts Offense Can’t Get Points

Only Denver has scored fewer points per drive than the Colts.

Opening NFL odds Week 12 - Colts 2.5-point home favorites vs. Steelers for MNF

Vegas is showing the Colts little confidence when they host the Pittsburgh Steelers for Monday Night Football. Favored by 2.5 at home is the equivalent of the Steelers being favored on a neutral field.

Colts vs. Eagles Week 11 preview: Can Jonathan Taylor exploit a struggling Eagles rush defense?

The Eagles have desperately scrambled to fix their rush defense after a surprising loss to the Washington Commanders. Did they have enough time to prepare for Jonathan Taylor, or could the Colts follow the same game plan?

Jalen Hurts Can Run, but That’s Not Why He Is Good.


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