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Throw to score, run to win - Colts fan gear to launch Steichen era

Our apparel partner, BreakingT, has partnered with Stampede Blue to create a new t-shirt that memorializes Shane Steichen’s offensive philosophy. Order here.

Who we like in Chiefs-Eagles matchup to win this year’s Super Bowl 

Patrick Mahomes and the high-power Kansas City Chiefs offense will face a balanced Philadelphia Eagles team with the best running game in football. Who we like to win.

How to watch 2023 Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles battle it out for the Lombardi today. Here’s how to watch or listen to the game.

Colts News: Free agency looms for Parris Campbell and Bobby Okereke with the 2023 salary cap in place

Which in-house free agents will Chris Ballard and his new coaching staff look to retain in 2023?

Colts News: Colts fanbase searching for something positive

Study reveals that the Colts have the most stressed and negative fanbase in professional sports.

Colts News: NFL Insider Reveals Guess at Colts’ Next Head Coach

NFL Insider Benjamin Allbright believes the Colts will end up with one of Jim Harbaugh, Ben Johnson, or Jeff Saturday as head coach in 2023.

Colts News: Kenny Moore opens up on lost season, ‘I didn’t give myself what I wanted’

This phase of the Colts’ off-season will focus on the head coach search and Chris Ballard’s plans at quarterback. Another major task is how the team will approach building out its roster, and Kenny Moore’s season puts him in the crosshairs.

Colts News: Nine storylines for the Colts’ 2023 offseason

Most years, I know that I’ll miss football when the Colts’ season ends. This year, I’m relieved I’ll have a break from it. Here are some things to monitor as the offseason begins.

Colts vs. Texans Week 18 preview: Locking in the top of the 2023 NFL Draft

The Colts vs. Texans matchup is the NFL Draft Bowl. In play is the top overall pick, which could go to Chicago with a Texans win and a Bears loss. Also, the Colts could move up to third. Riveting.

Colts News: Record, milestone within reach for Zaire Franklin, Michael Pittman Jr.

In a game desperate for storylines that don’t involve the 2023 NFL Draft, Zaire Franklin, and Michael Pittman Jr. have a chance to do something special.