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I enjoy my family, football and the NFL Draft. In that order. Growing up I played a lot of football which instilled in me a life long love of the game. I'm not at all interested in what someone's cleats look like or what a player wears during their post game press conferences. I'm a fan trying to understand the depths of the game and the process of building an NFL team. Players come and go, the inside zone run is forever. Follow me on Twitter: @NFLScheme

New Offensive Coordinator Frank Reich and Other Things to Watch for in Week 9

Can Reich guide Ehlinger to another win over the New England Patriots?

BREAKING: Colts Trade Nyheim Hines to the Buffalo Bills

The Colts are sending Nyheim Hines to the Bills

BREAKING: Colts Fire Offensive Coordinator Marcus Brady

If you were hoping Frank Reich would stop calling the plays, I have bad news for you.

Week 8 Colts vs. Commanders Highlights

Highlights from Colts vs. Commies on 10/30/2022

Conspiracy Report: The Real Reason The Colts Benched Matt Ryan

The only way Frank Reich can win is if he’s coming from behind with the QB2- Matt Ryan is now the QB2.

5 Questions with Hogs Haven: What Needs To Happen To Get Carson Wentz Back On The Field?

Hogs Haven answers a few questions before the Colts and Commanders face off this weekend.

Film Room: Colts Week 7 Play of the Game- Tailor Made for Sam Ehlinger

A peek at what the Colts offense could look like with Sam Ehlinger at QB

BREAKING NEWS: Colts to start Sam Ehlinger over Matt Ryan at quarterback for remainder of season

The Ehlinger era is upon us and we didn't even know there was a quarterback controversy.

Colts Trade Rumors and Targets at the Deadline: 5 Players Who Can Fix The Offense

Colts trade rumors are picking up. This is a look at who the Colts could add and who is rumored to be available at the NFL trade deadline.

Week 7 Colts vs. Titans Highlights

Highlights from Colts vs. Jags on 10/23/2022