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Jon is a rookie, having joined the Stampede Blue team in 2023. What are Colts fans talking about at the bar, in their basements, and around town? Topics that create conversation, drive thought, and stir good-hearted debate are at the center of what he hopes to hit. If you want X's and O's, keep moving on. If you want a unique perspective that you can discuss with your dad on the way to Lucas Oil, Jon has got you covered.

Colts-Titans odds: Colts open as 1-point underdogs

The Colts are heading into their third divisional game of the year in week five as underdogs.

Colts’ Anthony Richardson is back. Is he prepared to run for his life in week four?

The Colts got a positive update on Friday with the return of Anthony Richardson. All of a sudden, however, the offensive line appears quite thin.

Does Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. deserve to be paid like a number one receiver?

Michael Pittman Jr. is in a contract year. Do the Colts see him as a legit number one, and are they willing to pay him like one?

Colts-Rams odds: Colts return home as 1-point favorites

Early odds have the Colts as slight favorites as they return home after a two game road trip.

Colts' kicker, Matt Gay, had one heck of a day

The Colts biggest free agent acquisition in the offseason came through in a historic fashion

Did seeing former Colts quarterback, Andrew Luck, on TNF give anyone else mixed feelings?

Andrew Luck’s appearance on TNF was surprising and was met with mixed emotions.

Colts’ Zack Moss showed his worth in week two

Zack Moss was a work horse for the Colts on Sunday. The team rewarded his efforts by not allowing him a break.

Colts-Ravens odds: Colts open as heavy 8-point underdogs in Week 3

The Colts aren’t expected to do much in Baltimore.

The Colts’ current and future success relies on Anthony Richardson staying healthy

Anthony Richardson left the game early for the second week in a row. Keeping him healthy is paramount.

Will the Colts let Anthony Richardson air it out in Week 2?

The deep strike was absent from the Colts week one matchup. Will we see it against Houston?