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Jon is a rookie, having joined the Stampede Blue team in 2023. What are Colts fans talking about at the bar, in their basements, and around town? Topics that create conversation, drive thought, and stir good-hearted debate are at the center of what he hopes to hit. If you want X's and O's, keep moving on. If you want a unique perspective that you can discuss with your dad on the way to Lucas Oil, Jon has got you covered.

Could the Colts NFLPA 22nd ranking have any impact on free agency?

Will the less than stellar marks affect the team when free agency starts?

Colts’ Lucas Oil to host the combine yet again

The NFL combine is set to hit full swing on Thursday as it kicks off another year in Indianapolis

Is this the year the Colts finally change their approach to free agency?

Will the conservative Colts make a splash in free agency, or will they be content to watch another one go by?

Colts’ Michael Pittman Jr. got some good news heading into free agency

The team’s top receiver got several boosts to his free agency outlook.

For the first time in a long time, the Colts won’t be using the offseason to find a quarterback

The Colts have their starting quarterback on the roster. That is a new but refreshing feeling.

Is it finally time for the Colts to take down the AFC finalist banner?

Is this the year the banner comes down? Will it ever?

Colts free agent decision: Kenny Moore II

The veteran cornerback is up for his second big contract with the Colts. Will he continue with the team in 2024?

Colts free agent decision: Grover Stewart

The big man has proven to have value for the team. Is it enough to sign him to a new contract?

Place your bets: The Colts have +4500 odds to win Super Bowl 59

The odds for Super Bowl 59 have been set. Are you ready to cash in if the Colts win it all?

Colts fans: Who is winning the Super Bowl?

The biggest event of the season is upon us. Who is winning it all?