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Jon is a rookie, having joined the Stampede Blue team in 2023. What are Colts fans talking about at the bar, in their basements, and around town? Topics that create conversation, drive thought, and stir good-hearted debate are at the center of what he hopes to hit. If you want X's and O's, keep moving on. If you want a unique perspective that you can discuss with your dad on the way to Lucas Oil, Jon has got you covered.

Sunday’s results provided a mixed bag towards the Colts playoff push.

The Colts got some favorable results out of last week’s games. At the same time, it could have been better.

Colts-Buccaneers odds: Colts come out of the bye as 1.5-point favorites

The Colts are back in action against Tampa Bay. They are favored in this matchup.

Colts fans: During the bye week, which game are you most eager to watch?

The Colts are taking a break this week, but that doesn’t mean you have to.

How much are the Colts missing Grover Stewart?

The big man is currently serving a six game suspension for PEDs. The Colts need him back.

AFC South: Week 11 Opening Odds

With the Colts taking a break on their bye week, let’s check in on the rest of the division.

Colts put an ugly win on the board before the bye

The Colts faced off against the Patriots in a less than thrilling game.

Colts Patriots doesn’t hold the same appeal

Colts face off against the Patriots, but it just doesn't feel the same.

Remember to “fall back” this Sunday as the Colts have an early start to Week Ten

The Colts are set to kick off bright and early this week from Germany.

Colts’ Kenny Moore II bails out the offense in Carolina behind career day.

Kenny Moore came up huge against the Panthers, and the Colts needed every bit of it.

Colts-Patriots odds: Indianapolis opens as 2-point favorite in Germany

The Colts will be favorites in their first game in Germany. They would love to leave the country undefeated.