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Jon is a rookie, having joined the Stampede Blue team in 2023. What are Colts fans talking about at the bar, in their basements, and around town? Topics that create conversation, drive thought, and stir good-hearted debate are at the center of what he hopes to hit. If you want X's and O's, keep moving on. If you want a unique perspective that you can discuss with your dad on the way to Lucas Oil, Jon has got you covered.

Saturday was a shoulda, coulda, woulda for the Colts

The Colts were at home on Saturday to start the Wild Card round of the playoffs. Count that as a missed opportunity.

Colts fans: Give us this weekend’s playoff lock and upset

Who do you think is a sure thing to move on and who needs to keep their head on a swivel?

Rub salt into the wound as the Colts miss out on AFC South title

The Houston Texans are the AFC South champions. That is a place the Colts should have found themselves.

Colts let the playoffs slip through their hands

The Colts had their opportunities on Saturday but couldn’t complete the mission.

Colts remain underdogs in the spread and with the national media

The Colts are not favored in any way shape or form going into this one. The question is, why not?

Colts will be playing with house money on Saturday

The Colts have nothing to lose on Saturday. Ok, well maybe not nothing, but they can play loose.

Do the Colts have to win on Saturday for you to consider this season a success?

The Colts are heading into the finale with everything on the line. Win or lose, will you be satisfied with the season as a whole?

Colts-Texans opening odds: Colts open as a one-point favorite

The Colts open as favorites in a "winner takes all" scenario.

Colts’ Drew Ogletree is another instance of a troubling series of off the field issues for the team

Drew Ogletree’s arrest for domestic battery is troubling all on its own. Couple that with the other suspensions on the team and you start to wonder what is going on.

Can you imagine if the Colts had traded for Russell Wilson?

The signal caller in Denver has been benched. That is the same quarterback Colts fans had called for the team to trade for in 2022.