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Joshua Hudgens is a writer for Stampede Blue and the host of The Common Colt Podcast. He started watching Indianapolis Colts football back in elementary school. Joshua has been a fan since the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41 and even though his goal of the Colts winning the next 20 Super Bowls didn't pan out, he still loves the team and gets joy from creating content about the team.

Colts reportedly trying to talk Adam Vinatieri out of retirement

The Colts aren’t ready to give up on the NFL’s oldest player.

Adam Vinatieri vows “You’ll hear from me tomorrow” after more struggles in Week 2

It appears the end is near for the greatest kicker in NFL history.

Colts and Jacoby Brissett agree to terms on contract extension

The Indianapolis Colts have re-signed their new starting quarterback.

Colts defensive end Jabaal Sheard will not be placed on injured reserve

Defensive end Jabaal Sheard will not be placed on injured reserve to start the season.

Andrew Luck thanks Colts fans in a full page newspaper ad

Andrew Luck’s career has come to an end, but not before one final classy gesture for the city of Indianapolis.

Podcast: The Quick Hitch with Hudge - Episode 4 “Aren’t you glad the Colts aren’t a dumpster fire?”

Episode four in the podcast series "The Quick Hitch with Hudge."

Podcast: “The Quick Hitch with Hudge” - Episode 3

Episode three in "The Quick Hitch with Hudge" series by Joshua Hudgens

Andrew Luck warmup video surfaces - and it’s good news for the Colts

Andrew Luck looked good in a preseason game warm up Saturday afternoon.

Daurice Fountain suffers ankle injury; likely out for season

The promising young receiver’s season has stopped before it had a chance to begin.

The Quick Hitch with Hudge: Episode 2 - Drama in August for the Colts

In this podcast I discuss Andrew Luck and what I would like to see in the next preseason game.