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Joshua Hudgens is a writer for Stampede Blue and the host of The Common Colt Podcast. He started watching Indianapolis Colts football back in elementary school. Joshua has been a fan since the Colts beat the Bears in Super Bowl 41 and even though his goal of the Colts winning the next 20 Super Bowls didn't pan out, he still loves the team and gets joy from creating content about the team.

Andrew Luck dealing with ankle injury; Colts not ready to rule him out for the season opener

The Andrew Luck saga has taken yet another nasty turn, from bad to worse.

New Stampede Blue Podcast: “The Quick Hitch With Hudge”

Josh Hudgens will be giving his thoughts on all things Indianapolis Colts every Tuesday and Thursday.

Pat McAfee nearly came out of retirement to sign with the Chicago Bears this off-season

The comedian and former Colts punter had aspirations to return to the NFL this off-season.

Peyton Manning rumored to be visiting the Colts soon

The Colts are trying to build their culture by bringing in legends of the past.

Andrew Luck out three more days of practice, Vinatieri ailing with knee injury

The Indianapolis Colts have announced Andrew Luck and Adam Vinatieri will be missing more days of training camp.

Should Colts fans panic over Andrew Luck’s lower leg injury?

Andrew Luck has been rehabbing a nagging injury most of the offseason, is it time for fans to worry?

Why the Colts let go of the perfect replacement for Adam Vinatieri

Quite possibly, the perfect replacement for Adam Vinatieri was released in 2018.

The Colts should not pick a receiver in the first round of the draft

Yes, the Colts need a receiver but it’s time to stop making the same mistake over and over again.

Colts DE Chris McCain Reportedly Charged with Battery

The reported incident took place in January.

Chuck Pagano: Andrew Luck a phenom - got me more years than I deserved with Colts

Former Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano admits to the media that Andrew Luck likely extended his tenure longer than he deserved with the team.