Fili Moala arrested


"Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Fili Moala was arrested early this morning for, among other things, driving while intoxicated..." More on link.

Charlie Johnson news


I hadn't seen this news anywhere yet but it looks like Johnson is set to return to practice next week and hopefully play week 1

Peyton Manning interviewed at 2010 Peyback Foundation Bowling event


Peyton Manning interviewed at 2010 Peyback Foundation Bowling event

Bill Simmons says, "Colts don't have depth"


Really, Bill? Wow. Look around the 11 minutes mark.

NFL reportedly will adjust where umpire is stationed

The latest tweaks, made after a conference call that included members of the league's competition committee, include requiring the umpire only to be standing behind the deepest member of the offense, and quarterbacks can look at officials near the sidelines to get the go-ahead to snap the ball, rather than turn around and look for a signal from the umpire.

Local sports coverage discussing rookie Devin Moore

Local sports coverage discussing rookie Devin Moore

Giordano released


...according to Rotoworld. Think the Colts scoop him up for ST and/or depth?

Falcons' no-huddle offense works with new rules


The Falcons said they don't have problems with the new rules. Of the top of my head, two reasons come to mind. First, they don't run the no-huddle as good as some SB teams, such as the Colts, and the Saints who already said the new rule will affect them. Second, the refs in their games run really fast, unlike the waddling of the UMs in the Greenbay games.... What do you think?

Umpire rule will stay-Memo to be sent tuesday to teams


Fresh off the presses....No big surprise. New Umpire positioning rule will stay,memo to be sent out tomorrow with further tweaks. Caldwell will have to plan for this new rule and its various combinations and end effect on the offense. I really do not like this rule...Dunno why Polian voted on this one.