"I haven't hit anybody since the Super Bowl and I had a bad taste in my mouth after that game,"...


"I haven't hit anybody since the Super Bowl and I had a bad taste in my mouth after that game," Session told reporters this week. "It's time to get a good taste in my mouth now."

Clint Session, who is expected to play tonight against the Green Bay Packers.

SB Nation Indiana Covers High School Football


If you are an overall Indiana football freak, please read anything written by Travis Miller. He's been covering Indiana high school football for years, and he's an Associate Editor at SB Nation Indiana.

Freeney Indispensable


Paul Kuharsky picks the most indispensable non-quarterback for each AFC South team.

Stampede Blue Radio TONIGHT at 9pm Eastern


Your favorite podcast returns to talk preseason 2010.

Colt McCoy To Be Cut?


I dont buy it for a second not even cleveland could be that dumb, but if they are, I would love to see McCoy in blue over Painter.

Daytime TV is tough to handle


Daytime TV is tough to handle

Pat McAfee, who obviously has not had to sit through watching an entire game of NFL preseason football.

Finished the First day Back to School - Open Thread


Just bored so postin an open thread cause i haven't seen one I awhile

'Wayne Consistently Beat Revis'


I don't know if anyone esle posted this (which is possible because it's a couple of weeks old), but on the Aug 6th edition of ESPN's The NFL Today Podcast Matt Williamson interviewed Greg Cosell. The last question that was asked (at aroung the 33:00 mark) was 'Is Reggie Wayne on the decline?'. Cosell stated that Wayne beat Revis 6 or 7 times in the AFCCG and "made Revis look sick!", but the ball wasn't throw his way that often.

Mike Lombardi Working Hard To Piss Off Every Colts Fan In Creation


Mike has an article about the NFL in GQ magazine this quarter. The article names the 11-or-so smartest players in the NFL. Oddly, Lombardi does not list Peyton Manning, and provides a very shaky reasoning as to why he was excluded. "Peyton Manning is too obvious, so let's start with Schaub." Um, what?