Myths and Truths of the CBA, Uncapped Season and the Dreaded Possible Lockout


MDC over at BRB took the time to address some of the myths flying around about the CBA. A must read!

Weapons of Mass Production!


Weapons of Mass Production!

Philadelphia Releases Brian Westbrook


Another guy I've always liked. And before anyone asks the question...NO!

Chargers Cut LT


End of an era...........guy was special.

Colts Are Already Super Bowl-Bound


Gregg Rosenthal over at NBC Sports already has the Colts meeting the Packers in Super Bowl 45 and the #1 team heading into the 2010 season (New Orleans is #6--apparently Gregg wasn't too impressed with the Saint's victory.) Oh, how I yearn for the days when the media proclaim the Colts more done than Tom Sizemore's acting career.

Colts hold event to thank fans


Take a look at the crowd. Again, I'm just a redneck Colts fan, but I think I count more than 11. Clint Session's speech before the fans is excellent.

A New Idea in Cross-Training


I have been particularly critical of the Colts' strength and conditioning staff, as I believe at least some of our team's injuries could be prevented or reduced through better training. Here is a novel idea being pursued by the New York Giants, whose team suffered tons of injuries this year. The focus seems to be on heart rate monitoring, borrowed from endurance athlete training concepts. It's an interesting idea, though I question the applicability given that heart rate is more important for aerobic activity (this point is also made in the article). Personally, I'd rather see the Colts investigate yoga or pilates training to improve flexibility and core strength.