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This is funny, but sad,for them because in the comments the fans had no answer!

Indiana Really stands out in this Poll!


ESPN poll results. This struck me as very funny, considering what kind of offense we have here, it's not surprising though!

Jim was our quarterback. He had a great arm. I mean, he could fire it," Mora said. "Well, Peyton...


Jim was our quarterback. He had a great arm. I mean, he could fire it," Mora said. "Well, Peyton was a senior in high school, and he would come out - this is before they had all the rules in place (about offseason workouts) - and he would actually take seven-on-seven, throw one-on-one, and do that stuff with us. "I kid you not, at age 17 or 18, even with Jim Everett and the talent he had, Peyton was the best quarterback on the field." While in New Orleans, Mora used to go to Manning's games at Isidore Newman High. "You know that cliche, 'He's like a man among boys?' It was just that way," Mora said. "I mean, he was just big. He was fast. He was smarter. He had a whip for an arm. He made great decisions. It was a joke watching him play against these guys. "The funny thing is, he still looks that way today, even though he's playing against this elite competition."

Jim Mora Jr. (link via 18to88)

Watch the changing of the guard. After the Colts failed on third and one last week, Mike Pollack...

Watch the changing of the guard. After the Colts failed on third and one last week, Mike Pollack was benched in favor of Kyle DeVan. The Colts religiously hold to the "best man plays" philosophy, and DeVan's entrance happened to coincide with an offensive explosion by the Colts. Pollack reentered the game later and looked bad on a run play. Caldwell has implied the rotation will continue for the time being. One of 18to88's Eyes in the Backfield for this Sunday's game between the Seahawks and Colts.

Leodis McKelvin-McFumble


Remember the guy who dashed our hopes of the Pats losing in Prime Time? I'm not cheering about his injury, I hope he'll be back playing football soon, I just thought it was a weird coincidence.

OL Scoring System


Okay, this article is about the Raven's offensive linemen but it make for interesting reading, and it would be awesome if one of you folks with time and inclination could do the same for the Colts!

Great Article on Pierre Garcon @ usatoday!


Also a lot of comments from Peyton Manning about how he works with the young receivers.

Good Article on Edge's Return


Insight on a great player, teamate, and family man. Not to mention a huge part of the Colts' winning tradition in Indy.

The Colts five most important early-season developments . . .


One of my favorite parts? 4) The drafting of Colts President Bill Polian. There were those in the blogosophere who questioned Polian's recent draft history just before the season. The reason? The preseason releases of DE Marcus Howard, OG Steve Justice and DT Terrance Taylor, all of whom were selected in the last two drafts and none of whom are on the team. The Colts also recently released TE Tom Santi, a sixth-round selection in the 2008 draft, moved 2008 third-round selection/LB Philip Wheeler into a backup role and just this past week, 2008 second-round selection Mike Pollak began sharing time at right guard with Kyle DeVan. So, what does that say? It says maybe Polian wasn't kidding before the 2008 draft when he said it was one of the weaker in recent memory. And before you criticize Polian, where would the Colts be this season without Garcon (a 2008 sixth-round selection), Brown (a 2009 first-round selection), 2009 seventh-round selection/P Pat McAfee), 2009 fourth-round selection/WR Austin Collie and 2009 third-round selection/CB Jerraud Powers?

Peyton Manning named AFC Player of the Month


The reigning NFL MVP keeps on chugging. From the article: "For the month, Manning completed 66-of-96 passes (68.8 percent) for 983 yards and 7 TDs with two interceptions for a 117.7 passer rating. Manning passed for over 300 yards in each outing, his second career streak of three consecutive 300+-yard games."