Additional Salary Cap


Additional salary cap room recently announced, but I admit that I don't understand if the that gives the Colts $5 million more in room (over the $7 million previously announced) or just $947,000 (per the ever-so-clear "cash-adjustment mechanism"). For that matter a "cash-adjustment mechanism" sounds a bit like money laundering, but that's a topic for another story... perhaps peytonsthebest can enlighten us. Anyway, how will the Colts spend this additional money? I predict they'll just hold on to it for now because they don't have tons and tons of cap room for the inevitable roster changes during the season. Others' thoughts?

From the man himself, Polian reveals who will be the next offensive coordinator and offensive line coach


Bill Polian was on the Dan Dakich show literally a few moments ago. While talking with Dan, Polian said that Clyde Christensen will indeed take over as the playcaller for the Colts, and Pete Metzelaars will take over as the o-line coach. Most of us had a feeling this was going to be the case from the get go, but you can never be too sure with Polian running the show.

Colts get another $1 million to their salary cap


The NFL has increased the cap another $1 million. Again, this from a league that, supposedly, can't pay into pension plans for veteran coaches. But, whatever. According to Colts Cap, adding $1 million gives Indy about $7 million in cap space.

HBO selects Bengals for next "Hark Knocks"


Don't they already have enough problems? I just hope the Colts never allow this.

Who's the Best? Well, Peyton, of course!


We all know this already. It's just nice to see it in print.

Dear Titans RB Chris Johnson, I'm gonna body slam yo butt to the turf in...


Dear Titans RB Chris Johnson, I'm gonna body slam yo butt to the turf in 2009! Sincerely, Big T

Not football related, but for any Skip Bayless haters this is a must listen


Mike Missanelli just ripped Skip Bayless' head off and shat down his neck. That was beautiful. It's about damn time some knobjob mainstream media airhead got his comeupins. Although, Missanelli could have won some extra style points if he had used my favorite line ever from that wicked ahsome movie Tha Depahted when Bayless kept asking him who he was: I'm the guy who does his job. You must be the other guy. Despite the letdown, Mike Missanelli is my new hero.

Jason Taylor to Re-Sign with the Fins


I have to say I'm psyched to hear this, more so because he's not going to the Pats. I would have lost a ton of respect for him had he gone to a division rival. Here's to hoping he does well there after his terrible year with Washington.