Inside the Booth with the Voice of the Colts


Bob Lamey is a legend in Indiana and a very familiar voice to Colts fans, and this is a great feature video on Lamey from the Colts' website.

Film Review of Colts-Ravens: Good, Bad and Ugly


An irreverent sampling of some of the more notable performances from the Colts win over the Ravens on Sunday.

Viking sign Harnish to practice squad


Bridgewater performed well but has an ankle injury. So Viking sign Harnish to practice squad

Why Andrew Luck is better than Peyton Manning


Comparing their numbers after two seasons shows that Andrew Luck is on pace to unseat Peyton as the GOAT.

Worst Trades in Indianapolis Colts History - #7 (Fredd Young)


A look at a trade that made a lot of sense when it happened, but which turned out to hurt the Colts in the long run.

What To Expect from Trent Richardson (complete with video, breakdowns, and analysis)


Chris George, a rabid Colts fan from England, uses video breakdowns and analysis to explain what we can expect from Trent Richardson this season, and why.

Stampede Blue Against the Spread Prediction Contest!


It's back! Test your ability to predict games against other members of Stampede Blue. The link above is for our Against the Spread contest. If you'd like to take the easy way out and just pick winners, you can go here.

Colts Academy Launches! (finally)


Any of you who know me know that I've been working on a new platform for Colts content with Kyle Rodriguez of CA, well, it's finally ready! Just launched this morning! If you're not familiar, it's a new site focusing heavily on interactive visuals, statistical analytics, game charting and film study to get a deeper understanding of exactly what the Colts are doing. I'm pretty proud of it and would love to have you guys as readers, Lord knows there are few fan communities better than this one out there.