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Horse Bucket

Know Your Colts History: Players Moving On

Know Your Colts History: Combine Fun

Know Your Colts History: Combine Fun

Peter King Reminds Us Just How Annoying Gus Johnson Is As An Announcer

Peter King seems to agree with Stampede Blue regarding Gus Johnson and his annoying broadcasting 'style.'

Sticking by Sanders

Colts Lose: I'm Officially Concerned and I Don't Care if You Think I Shouldn't Be

A Small Note About 9/11 Remembrance Today

Stampede Blue Radio Talks Colts 2010 Preseason

Keeping it in the Colts family

Current Colts players still keep in touch and look out for former Colts players.

Tony Dungy offers his opinion on LeBron James' "The Decision"

Tony Dungy chimes in on LeBron James.

Ten years of Bob friggin Kravitz at the Indianapolis Star

Stampede Blue pontificates on ten years of of Bob Kravitz annoying the piss out of Hoosier sports fans.

Happy Father's Day from Stampede Blue

Paul Kuharsky at ESPN has to deal with lots of stupid readers

Paul Kuharsky at ESPN has to deal with lots of stupid readers.

Colts fans take a moment to thank Packers QB Aaron Rodgers for trashing Tony Kornheiser

Indianapolis Colts fans are very much enjoying listening to Green bay Packers QB Aaron Rodgers rip ESPN's Tony Kornheiser.

Jerraud Powers takes Manning v. Brady debate to Twitter

Jerraud Powers talks Manning v. Brady on Twitter.

Former Colts kick returner T.J. Rushing will wash your dishes for food

T.J. Rushing washes dishes in a restaurant for free food.

Memorial Day 2010- Open Thread

Jeff Saturday and NFLPA rally to support Indianapolis hotel workers looking to unionize

Colts center and NFLPA rep Jeff Saturday comes to the aid of local hotel workers in Indianapolis looking to unionize.

Stampede Blue Radio: Pre-Draft 2010 Edition

Who is your Favorite NFL Team's Counterpart in NCAA Basketball?

Ever wondered who would match up with your favorite NFL team from College Basketball? Find out here!

Robert Mathis, a football, and Beethoven the male beluga whale

Robert Mathis spends some time at a Georgia aquarium with a beluga whale.

A Sunday Morning Special: The Butler Bulldogs and Lucas Oil Stadium

A special discussion on the Indianapolis-area Butler Bulldogs heading to the Final Four, which will be played at Lucas Oil Stadium.

March Madness 3/18 Open Thread

Peyton Manning walks alone in Indianapolis

Peyton Manning doesn't need an entourage of goons to protect him from Colts fans.

Stampede Blue saves College Football

More entertainment from Mike Tunison and KSK

Tunison and KSK continue to say nasty things about Stampede Blue.

New Orleans high school student sent home for wearing Colts jersey to school

17-year-old Colts fan sent home from his New Orleans high school for wearing a Colts jersey.

Stampede Blue Radio: Post AFCCG- Open Thread

Jeff Fisher tries to don Peyton Manning jersey again

Jeff Fisher continues to display his sense of humor, Peyton Manning jersey.

The Big Lead takes a big shot at Indianapolis

Peyton Manning has always been the best. Where have you been?

Peyton Manning has always been the best. Where have you been?

Pierre Garçon Tweets that Jerruad Powers is slower than Peyton

Colts players use Twitter to talk trash about each other; hilarity ensues.

2009 Holidays Discussion- Open Thread

Happy holidays open thread.

A little love to "Hockey Bob" Lamey

The Indianapolis Star provides some wonderful insight into the prolific broadcasting career of Bob Lamey, the "Voice of the Colts."

KSK's Christmas Ape sends us a lovely holiday card

Stampede Blue continues its "war of dick jokes" against the infamous Kissing Suzy Kolber.

Line up to kick Melvin Bullitt's butt in Madden 10

Colts fans, your new job is to go online with Madden 10, find wildbull33 (aka, the online name for Colts safety Melvin Bullitt), challenge him to a game of Madden 10, and kick his rear end.

Kissing Suzy Kolber insults us Colts fans; call us "fat humps"

Kissing Suzy Kolber gets bored making fun of Patriots fans; switches to Colts fans.


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