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2013 NFL Draft: Jaguars, Dolphins, Eagles And Lions Select...

The draft keeps on rolling with picks by the Jaguars, Dolphins, Eagles and Lions.


Jaguars No. 2 pick - OT Luke Joeckel (Texas A&M)

Luke Joeckel has been the popular choice to go No. 1 overall for months, but Fisher's recent rise on many boards around the country posed a threat. The Chiefs were reportedly leaning towards Fisher and apparently those reports were right.

Joeckel is certainly more safe than Fisher. He's a finesse tackle, fundamentally sound, and can immediately be plugged in to any offense and thrive. In Joeckel's senior year, he was a first-team All-American and received first-team All-SEC honors. Joeckel may not be the athletic specimen that is Fisher or Lane Johnson, but he's a home run selection for the Jaguars who need talent all over the place.

The real problem for Jacksonville is whether they will ever be able to find a quarterback that Joeckel can actually feel proud about protecting.

Dolphins No. 3 pick (from OAK) - DE Dion Jordan (Oregon)

Dolphins are going all-in for 2013 and they don't mind surprising anyone on draft night. Instead of taking Lane Johnson, arguably the best player available, they switched gears and selected Dion Jordan of Oregon. The Dolphins were sniffing the pass rusher market this year, but this pick is a little puzzling.

Jordan is a big, big guy who originally arrived at Oregon as a top-10 nationally rated tight end prospect. Oregon thought Jordan would be better suited as a speed rusher, and they were right. Jordan racked up 5 sacks and 10.5 tackles for a loss in 2012.

Chip Kelly probably wanted Jordan, but you better believe he'll be happy with a superhuman tackle like Lane Johnson to utilize in his extremely fast-paced offense.

Eagles No. 4 pick - OT Lane Johnson (Oklahoma)

Lane Johnson is a freak. There's really no other way to put it. This is a 303 lb tackle who put up a 4.7 40, 36" vertical jump (better than AJ Green's 34.5" vertical, mind you) and a 4.52 shuttle at the Combine. The Eagles were reportedly fascinated by Johnson and showed more interest in him than any other team.

Hmm... I wonder why? Five years from now, Johnson may very well be the best tackle prospect to come out of this draft.

Take that, Miami.

Lions No. 5 pick - DE Ziggy Ansah (BYU)

Ansah is a project player, but he has the talent to be one of the most disruptive players in the league with some coaching. He has a lot of work to do, but the pass rushing potential is there and that's why the Lions took him at No. 5.

Ansah has a tremendous work ethic and he has had no problem adjusting his body to fit specific roles that coaches have asked him to play. Lions defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham has to be grinning ear to ear after this selection.

# Round 1 - Team Player Pos. School
1 Kansas City Chiefs Eric Fisher OT Central Michigan
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Luke Joeckel OT Texas A&M
3 Miami Dolphins (from OAK) Dion Jordan DE Oregon
4 Philadelphia Eagles Lane Johnson OT Oklahoma
5 Detroit Lions Ziggy Ansah DE BYU
6 Cleveland Browns
7 Arizona Cardinals
8 Buffalo Bills
9 New York Jets
10 Tennessee Titans
11 San Diego Chargers
12 Oakland Raiders (from MIA)
13 New York Jets (from TB)
14 Carolina Panthers
15 New Orleans Saints
16 St. Louis Rams
17 Pittsburgh Steelers
18 Dallas Cowboys
19 New York Giants
20 Chicago Bears
21 Cincinnati Bengals
22 St. Louis Rams (from WAS)
23 Minnesota Vikings
24 Indianapolis Colts
25 Minnesota Vikings (from SEA)
26 Green Bay Packers
27 Houston Texans
28 Denver Broncos
29 New England Patriots
30 Atlanta Falcons
31 San Francisco 49ers
32 Baltimore Ravens