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Indianapolis Colts History

Colts owner Jim Irsay and his band had Lucas Oil Stadium rocking

The Colts Kickoff concert was full of music, memorabilia, and a little bit of rock and roll magic.

Anthony Richardson set to become third-youngest starting quarterback in NFL history

The 21-year-old QB will start against the Jaguars on Sunday.

Colts’ rivalry problem: New England Patriots

Ah, the team we love to hate. Are the Patriots still a Colts’ rival, or are we just remembering the good ole days?

Colts’ rivalry problem: Tennessee Titans 

The Titans might seem like the most obvious potential rival of the Colts. Are they really though?

Colts’ rivalry problem: Jacksonville Jaguars 

Have the Jags served as a foil to the Colts since 2012? Let’s find out.

Colts’ rivalry problem: Houston Texans

Let’s more closely examine the Colts, Texans matchups since 2012. Is this a rivalry?

Do the Colts have a rivalry problem?

Since Peyton Manning left town, do the Colts have any legitimate rivalries?