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5 Questions with Music City Miracles: will the Colts sweep the Titans?

Sitting down with Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles to talk Colts vs. Titans.

Week 12 Defensive Rankings and Analysis: Colts defense is top 10 in sacks and takeaways

Week 12 QB Analysis: Colts lean on Minshew and he is up to the challenge

Week 10 Defensive Rankings and Analysis: Sackfest

Week 10 QB Analysis: Minshew runs from ghosts

Week 9 Defensive Rankings and Analysis: A good defense is the best defense

Week 9 Offensive Rankings and Analysis: A good defense is the best offense

Week 9 QB Analysis: Minshew works on his short game

Week 8 Defensive Rankings and Analysis:

2024 Draft Watch Week 9: the Indianapolis Colts own the 7th overall pick

The NFL regular season has reached the halfway mark. After the third Colts loss in a row, it seems like a good time to look to the future.

Week 8 Offensive Rankings and Analysis:

Week 8 QB analysis: Under pressure

Week 7 Defensive Rankings and Analysis: New week, same story

Week 7 Offensive Rankings and Analysis: Colts decide to run

Week 7 QB analysis: If it wasn’t for the turnovers . . .

Week 7 Colts vs. Browns Game Thread

The Colts are at home to take on the Browns in this week seven match up. Get in on this open thread

Week 6 Defensive Rankings and Analysis: You won’t agree with me

Week 6 Offensive Rankings and Analysis: Why can’t we have nice things?

Week 6 QB analysis: A sign of things to come?

Week 5 Defensive Rankings and Analysis: Not great, not terrible

Week 5 Offensive Rankings and Analysis: Movin’ on up

Week 5 QB analysis: 2 QBs combine for 1 outstanding performance

Week 4 QB analysis: 3 parts trash, one part treasure

How did Colts rookie QB Anthony Richardson fare in Sunday’s loss to the Rams?

Week 3 QB analysis: Colts win despite poor QB play

Week 2 QB stat tracker: Twice the fun

Week 1 QB stat tracker: Anthony Richardson’s debut in numbers

Featured Fanshot

Ashton Dulin Injured after Dirty Hit from Derwin James

Derwin James was ejected after delivering one of the dirtiest hits you'll ever see on Colts receiver Ashton Dulin. Both had to be taken to the medical tent.

Colts Fans Confidence is Near Rock Bottom, But There’s Optimism Regarding NFL Draft

Colts fans aren’t very confident in the direction of the franchise, but there’s newfound energy for the NFL Draft.

Colts Madden-style player rating — Week 6

QB Skill: A Narrative of Numbers (pt. 4)

QB Skill: A Narrative of Numbers (pt. 3)

Colts CB Coach James Rowe: “The Smartest Coach I have ever been around”

New Colts DB coach James Rowe preaches on field discipline in the film room, personal growth off of it

Stronger than ever: Andrew Luck and the misguided perception of toughness in football

Full Speed Ahead: E.J. Speed’s rise to the NFL

Why are there so few women involved in draft coverage?

Some of the talented women from SB Nation’s team brands weigh in.

Super Bowl Memories: Losing isn't all that bad

Looking back on the Colts devastating loss to the Saints in Super Bowl XLIV, I've come to think that maybe losing wasn't really all that bad.


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