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Stampede Blue Stats and Stats I Hate

The Colts Defense Couldn’t Contain the Texans . . . Yay?

The Colts Offense Ends the Season With a Good Performance in a Terrible Year

Sam Ehlinger: Better, but Not Good

Davis Mills: An All Too Familiar Story

The Indy Defense Is Circling the Drain

The Colts Offense Can’t Pass and Can’t Run.

Colts QBs: The Downward Spiral

Daniel Jones: Running His Way to Mediocrity

Indy Defense Contains Justin Herbert In Futile Effort

Colts try third QB of 2022 season: Goes as expected

Nick Foles lives up to our low expectations

Nick Foles: Of Course He is a Downgrade

Justin Herbert Is Trending In the Wrong Direction

Colts Defense: Does One Half Awesome Plus One Half Horrible Equal Average?

Sort of.

Colts Try To Punt Their Way To Victory: It Doesn’t Work

How Bad Has Matt Ryan Become? Let Me Count the Ways

A promising first quarter was followed by 3 quarters of epic collapse.

Kirk Cousins: Not Great, Not Terrible

Football Outsiders ranks the Minnesota passing offense 18th. That sounds about right.

The Colts’ defense yielded the most offensive points of any team this season vs. the Cowboys

The Colts defense yielded the most offensive points of any team so far this season.

Colts Refuse to Score 20 Points: “It’s a Bold Strategy, Cotton”

Matt Ryan Perfect in First Quarter!

. . . also was terrible rest of game.

Dak Prescott is the Real Deal

Dak Prescott struggled in Week 1 and missed the next 5 games due to injury, but now he is back and better than ever.

The Colts Defense Stumbles

Matt Ryan Continues to Struggle

Late Start and Turnovers Dooms Colts Offense

If the Colts held onto the ball and had started the game like they finished, this could have been an easy win.

Kenny Pickett: How Good Is the Freshman Signal Caller?

Taking over for Mitch Trubisky in week 4, Pickett has not been much of an improvement.

Another Good Performance, Another Loss: The Story of the Colts Defense.

The defense has held opponents to 20 or fewer points 8 times this year. They have won 3 of those games.

Same As It Ever Was: The Colts Offense Can’t Get Points

Only Denver has scored fewer points per drive than the Colts.

Matt Ryan Can’t Find Success Against a Tough Eagles Defense

The Eagles have the best pass defense in the league (DVOA) and Matt Ryan struggled against it.

Jalen Hurts Can Run, but That’s Not Why He Is Good.

Colts defense continues to impress

For the fourth week in a row, the Colts defense held their opponent to 20 points or less.

Matt Ryan’s return breathes life into the Colts offense

Matt Ryan’s return as a starter turned the Colts' offense around.

Matt Ryan: The Reports of His Demise Were Greatly Exaggerated

A Falcon, then a Colt, then injured, then benched, then a starter, Matt Ryan again brings joy to Mudville.

Derek Carr: Inconsistent, yet Somehow Efficient

Derek Carr is considered a mid-tier QB, but he is leading an offense with the 9th highest points per drive.

I Feel Bad For the Colts Defense

The Colts are the Titanic and the defensive players are the brave musicians performing while the ship settles quietly, lower and lower into the sea.

The Colts Offense Has Not Been This Bad in a Long Time

The offensive struggles continue as both the run and pass game hit new lows.

Simply Unwatchable

Sam Ehlinger had his 2nd start against one of the best pass defenses in the league ... and it showed.

How Does Mac Jones Stack Up?

This Sunday the Colts face a QB who is being given a 2nd chance. Does he deserve it?


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