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Super Bowl Road Trip

Stampede Blue at the Super Bowl: A story from a Baltimore Colts fan

BBS recalls a conversation with Charles from Maryland about growing up and watching the old Baltimore Colts.

Super Bowl Road Trip: Driving Through the Great Virginia Blizzard of 2010

This is the journey, a pilgrimage if you will, of a loud mouthed Colts fan as he drives 1,290 miles south from New York to Miami to cover his beloved Indianapolis Colts in Super Bowl 44. These are his adventures along the way.

Super Bowl Road Trip: Tofu Burrito Time!

BBS updates his travels from the road as he travels from NY to Miami to cover Super Bowl 44.

Super Bowl Road Trip: Meeting fans in DC

Day one of BigBlueShoe's 1200 mile trek from NYC to Miami for Super Bowl 44.

The Great Stampede Blue Super Bowl Roadtrip

Stampede Blue writer BigBlueShoe will drive 1,290 miles from New York to Miami, chronicling his adventures as he makes his fan pilgrimage down to Super Bowl 44.