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NFL Divisonal Round Preview & Super Bowl Odds

What are the chances the Colts win the Super Bowl, get to the Super Bowl, or just win this weekend? Find out here as the Winning Stats Predictor clues us in.

Divisional Round Preview: Colts at Patriots

We couldn't really play an entire NFL season without the Colts and Patriots playing each other, right? Well, Saturday night we'll have the 2013 edition, with the most on the line in one of the NFL's best rivlaries since January of 2007.

2013 NFL Wild Card Round: Inside The Colts Numbers

A tale of two halves Saturday gave the Colts the second greatest comeback in NFL history, a 45-44 win over the Chiefs in Indianapolis.

Wild Card Preview: Colts vs. Chiefs

For the first time since 2010 the Colts will host a Playoff game, meeting the Chiefs Saturday afternoon inside Lucas Oil Stadium. Can they repeat the performance they gave just two weeks ago in Kansas City and advance to the Divisional Round?

2013 NFL Week Seventeen: Inside The Colts Numbers

The Colts finished off the 2013 regular season with a convincing 30-10 victory over the Jaguars Sunday. It was their third straight win preparing for the Playoffs. Their third straight really good win.

2013 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 17

The best year in the Predictor's history comes to a close this week, with almost every game having some sort of meaning. Let's finish out strong!

Week 17 Preview: Colts vs. Jaguars

The regular season wraps up with a visit from a team who has played spoiler to the Colts more than any other team over the past decade: the Jaguars. Can the Colts close out a team that'll be picking in the top 5 of the NFL Draft next year?

Week 17 Playoff Odds: Colts 7% Chance of Bye

A new feature with the Winning Stats: Playoff Odds! Find out how likely a Super Bowl run is based on the Winning Stats. For the Colts, they will likely be the 4th seed, and that's perfectly OK with me.

2013 NFL Week Sixteen: Inside The Colts Numbers

I said this Colts team could absolutely win the Super Bowl after Week 5, but they hadn't done anything to back me up until Sunday. And back that up they sure did, dominating the 11-3 Chiefs in Kansas City.

2013 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 16

Another big week. Let's keep rolling with the winners!

Week 16 Preview: Colts at Chiefs

Even though the venue would be different, we'll get a potential Wild-Card Round preview when the Colts take on the Chiefs Sunday afternoon. Will the Colts show them anything they may see two weeks from now?

Week 16 Playoff Odds: Colts Still Sitting At #4

A new feature with the Winning Stats: Playoff Odds! Find out how likely a Super Bowl run is based on the Winning Stats. For the Colts, they will likely be the 4th seed, but a win Sunday will really make things interesting.

2013 NFL Week Fifteen: Inside The Colts Numbers

The Colts were just saving up a performance like that for the Playoff run, right? Great job by the Defense and coaching staff in a Colts rout.

Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 15

Home stretch for the Predictor. Can it stay above .500 picking games Against the Spread?

Week 15 Preview: Colts vs. Texans

The Texans have lost 11 games in a row in 2013, and 11 in a row in Indianapolis. Let's hope the Colts can make both of those streaks extend to 12.

Playoff Odds - Week 15: Colts 88% For 4th Seed

A new feature with the Winning Stats: Playoff Odds! Find out how likely a Super Bowl run is based on the Winning Stats. For the Colts, they have the division wrapped up, and it sure looks like they'll be the 4th seed.

2013 NFL Week Fourteen: Inside The Colts Numbers

It was more of the same from the Colts in their loss to the Bengals Sunday, but they now have three weeks to figure things out with relatively few consequences.

Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 14

After consecutive outstanding weeks, the Winning Stats Predictor took a step back in Week 13. Let's hope that doesn't continue.

Week 14 Preview: Colts at Bengals

A potential Playoff preview for the Colts, Sunday's game (possibly in the snow) will go a long way to determine which playoff seed the Colts will get. Can they win on the road and stay away from the 4th seed?

Playoff Odds - Week 14: Colts Over 99%

A new feature with the Winning Stats: Playoff Odds! Find out how likely a Super Bowl run is based on the Winning Stats. For the Colts, it isn't that likely unfortunately.

Week 13: Inside the Numbers

Another ugly win for the Colts, but it all but assures them a home game in January, and that's definitely a good thing.

Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 13

Another spectacular week for the Predictor. Hope you're taking advantage, because I sure am!

Week 13 Preview: Colts vs. Titans

The Colts can essentially wrap up the AFC South with a win over the Titans Sunday, a team they beat just two weeks ago. Can they keep their undefeated-after-a-loss streak going?

Week Twelve: Inside The Colts Numbers

Consistently Inconsistent. Seems to be the best phrase to sum up the 2013 Colts, who were pummeled Sunday 40-11 by the Cardinals. Will we continue to see these extremely poor performances?

Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 12

Totals were 12-2-1 last week, and winners were 11-4. Get your Predictor picks for Week 12.

Week 12 Preview: Colts at Cardinals

The Colts visit Arizona Sunday and meet an old friend on the opposing sidelines, Bruce Arians, who has his Cardinals sitting at 6-4 and very much in the hunt for a Playoff spot. Can the Colts go on the road to another NFC West opponent and dominate?

Week Eleven: Inside The Colts Numbers

I know it was a while ago, but did the Colts finally play a good game Offensively against the Titans? Did the Defense improve some as well?

Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 11

Doing well picking games Against the Spread. Who does the Predictor pick this week?

Week 11 Preview: Colts at Titans

Thursday nights have been little trouble for the Colts over the years (even winning in 2011!). Can they do it again in Nashville against the Titans on a short week? Will they bounce back after their bad performance Sunday?

2013 NFL Week Ten: Inside The Colts Numbers

Sunday was the kind of game you just throw out the window and forget it ever happened. It was pretty bad though, but not quite the worst performance of the season (how's that for optimism?).

Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 10

Another above .500 week ATS last week. Let's keep the momentum going!

Week 10 Preview: Colts vs. Rams

The Colts look to win their third in a row against an unfamiliar opponent, the Rams. Will they need a frantic 4th quarter comeback to win again this week?

2013 NFL Mid-Season Review: Winning Stats Edition

We take a look at some of the best and worst games of 2013 NFL season. Who played the best overall game this season, and which team has five games in the worst 10 (you know this one)?

Winning Stats Power Rankings - Week 9

Instead of just putting teams in record order, we actually look at how well these teams play and rank them. I guarantee you'll be surprised who the #1 team is.

Inside the Colts Numbers: 0.05% Edition

An improbable come-from-behind win for the Colts against the Texans, 27-24. How did the numbers look? We'll find out as we go Inside the Numbers.

2013 NFL Winning Stats Predictor Picks: Week 9

Superb week in Week 8. Let's hope the momentum continues!


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